Dozla/Rennac support

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" の支援会話(ドズラ/レナック)。

Support level C

Why has fate chosen to
treat me so cruelly?▼
Ah, Rennac.▼
You look so pleased to have been
reunited with Princess L'Arachel.▼
I'm glad we're all in one piece!▼
You haven't changed, Dozla. Your ability to
misread people still ruins all conversation.▼
I am lamenting, old man! I am raging
against my horrible misfortune!▼
You're a vassal sworn to serve Princess
L'Arachel. You're supposed to be here.▼
I, however,am not. I'm temporary. Got it?
I'm an employee! I am NOT a vassal!▼
Gwah ha ha! You're just as interesting as
ever. You're still hard to follow, but...▼
This is not a conversation for you to
enjoy, and it's not at all hard to follow!▼
It's not that I don't enjoy being in this
army, but traveling her her again...▼
I mean, I haven't even been properly
paid for the last job.▼
Oh, so it's about money, is it? In
that case, you've no worries, Rennac.▼
All you have to do is see Princess
L'Arachel safely back to Rausten.▼
Once that's done, His Majesty will pay
you any amount you desire.▼
That's what I heard the last time, but do
you have any idea how much I desire?▼
When he hears it, His Majesty
may very well explode!▼
Hmm, so about 1,000 gold pieces?▼
Huh? You can't even buy a
proper blade at that price!▼
What, 5,000 then?▼
You've got the wrong number
of zeros, old man.▼
Oh, my apologies.
So you want 500 gold, eh?▼
No! That's smaller! It cannot get smaller!
I want more! It's 50,000! 50,000 gold!▼
And I'll bend 50,000 ears to get it
if I have to! Someone must listen!▼
Oh, right. I understand!
You need 50,000 ears, is that it?▼
Very well, when we return to Rausten
we'll get 50,000 people together!▼
Wait...that's 100,000 ears. Well anyway,
you'll have all the ears you need!▼
Its just a figure of speech, old
man. Bah! I was a fool to complain.▼

Support level B

Life is...a fickle beast,
is it not, old man?▼
Why are you so solemn, Rennac? You
can't win battles if you've no hope!▼
This journey has taught me the hollowness
and transience of life's pleasures.▼
Ah, to what end do we toil on this
unforgiving earth? Why do we live?▼
Why do we live? Well, if you're not
alive, then you're dead, and...▼
Er...if you're dead, then you
can't eat, and...▼
What was I saying?
I think I must be getting hungry.▼
I wonder what's for dinner.
My belly's a rumbling!▼
It must be nice to have no worries
other than what to eat, old man.▼
And not just you, either.▼
I'm sure that a certain young lady
has nothing to worry about, either.▼
What's that?
Do you mean Princess L'Arachel?▼
That girl believes the world will turn
out just as she envisions it.▼
I doubt the word "worry" even has
any meaning to her in the first place.▼
What a completely envious
position to be in.▼
I may not look like it now, but I'm the
son of a wealthy Carcino merchant.▼
I believed that you could move the
world if you but had the gold.▼
Money was everything, and with money,
nothing was beyond my reach!▼
I adored money! I loved money! You see?▼
What good fortune for you that your
father was a thriving merchant.▼
That's just it... There are people who can
do anything without money at all...▼
She's overbearing and egotistical, yet she
us has us jumping through hoops.▼
That's a skill normal people
don't possess.▼
That's Princess L'Arachel!
She makes the impossible possible!▼
You're with her because she made a
deep impression on you, too, right?▼
A deep impression? It's more like I'm in
shock, and my brain's been frozen.▼
What? Your brain's frozen? That'll never
do! Did you forget to wear a hat?▼
Let me at it. I'll thaw it out.▼
Knock it off! I was speaking figuratively!
You know? As in not "literally"?▼
You're too strong to joke around
like that! Stop it!▼
Gwah ha ha!
Just teasing you!▼
What a pair you two make...▼
You know, you're the only one who can
keep up with Princess L'Arachel, old man.▼

Support level A

You know, Rennac. I was just
thinking about something.▼
These battles are tough on an
old man like me.▼
I might not make it through
to see the end of this.▼
Where did that come from?
It better not be an omen.▼
I want to see Princess L'Arachel
in her wedding dress one day.▼
That's my one wish in life
to see her happily wed.▼
Telling me about it isn't
going to make it happen.▼
Trying to find a worthy prince who's
willing to take Princess L'Arachel?▼
That's no easy task to accomplish.▼
If I end up food for the crows, if
I cannot escort the princess home,▼
I want you to take care of her for me.▼
What? Why? No, I won't do it.
You can't make me! Sorry, but NO!▼
You're the vassal, old man. I'm nothing
more than an escort, a thief.▼
When this war's over, I'm going to collect
my pay and then disappear. You got it?▼
Once Princess L'Arachel settles down,
she'll probably never leave Rausten again.▼
It's got nothing to do with me.▼
That's cold, Rennac...▼
I'm disappointed. I'm sure she'll be so
lovely. Princess L'Arachel, the bride...▼
If I gently close my eyes, I can envision
what a glorious spectacle it will be.▼
If all you need is someone to listen,
I'll play along. What kind of spectacle?▼
The loving couple exchanging their sacred
vows. The joyous citizens of Rausten!▼
"Congratulations, Princess L'Arachel!"
"Our condolences, Prince."▼
The newlyweds will smile and wave as the
royal coach passes through the crowds.▼
Can you see the flowers? The silver and gold
inlay and the gems glittering in the sun?▼
What? They have a gem-encrusted coach?
Now that's something I must see.▼
I'll be on the street, waving a flag, then
I'll race up and offer my congratulations!▼
Would you really?
That's happy news.▼
Princess L'Arachel will be so surprised
to see you running after them!▼
Yeah, and then she'll look at me
with that smug face and say,▼
"Oh, Rennac. Whatever are you
doing here?▼
Come along! Fall in and follow us."▼
And then Princess L'Arachel will set out
across the continent on her honeymoon...▼
I've got it! You'll be her guard on her
honeymoon! Fantastic! That's wonderful!▼
N-no! You're getting carried away!▼
Now you're a true vassal to Princess
L'Arachel, body and soul. Gwah ha ha!▼
I've got a terrible feeling I'll never
get away from Princess L'Arachel...▼