L'Arachel/Dozla support

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" の支援会話(ラーチェル/ドズラ)。

Support level C

Oh, I cannot believe it.▼
There is something very
wrong with this world.▼
Hm?! What is it? What's
happened, Princess L'Arachel?▼
Hello, Dozla.
Listen to this.▼
The other day, I paid a visit
to a nearby village.▼
I found something inconceivable there.▼
Not one of them had ever heard of the
beautiful banisher of darkness before.▼
Even with your anonymous campaign
to rid the world of monstrosities?▼
I cannot fathom how those people
could be so uninformed!▼
Last night, I was so distraught that I
quite nearly drowned my pillow in tears.▼
This will never do, Dozla.▼
I must be more famous. The entire
world must know of my legend.▼
The troubadours must be made to
sing my praises far and wide.▼
And I'm sure they will!▼
The five heroes who banished evil...▼
My own sacred ancestor...▼
Oh, to be like them... I so long
to be praised by the masses, too.▼
Gwah ha ha!
And you shall be, Princess!▼
But I get the feeling that we're going
to have to change our methodology.▼
Appealing to the common people is of
the utmost importance.▼
First and foremost, we need a plan of
action. A means to win their hearts.▼
Please, Dozla, I want you to
think of something, too.▼
Gwah ha ha!
Leave it to your trusted Dozla!▼

Support level B

Dozla, have you thought
of any good plans?▼
Gwah ha ha! Prepare yourself
for joy, Princess L'Arachel!▼
I, Dozla, have come up with a
plan of masterpiece proportions!▼
Oh! That is good news!▼
Don't keep me waiting, Dozla.
Let me hear it.▼
Gwah ha! Here goes!▼
All of the heroes from the dawn of
time had two names, did they not?▼
So what you need, Princess, is another
name. Something with oomph!▼
Oh, Dozla! What a splendid idea!▼
An alias would make it easier for
the people to remember me.▼
Very well, Dozla, we must come up
with a wonderful epithet for me.▼
It's come to me, Princess L'Arachel!▼
How do you like the sound of "the
green-haired battle princess"?▼
Um, no.▼
I want something with more force.
Something with more...impact.▼
I've got it!▼
What do you think of "the beautiful
princess of peerless beauty"?!▼
Oh! It's fantastic!▼
You're amazing, Princess L'Arachel!
What a splendid nickname!▼
Of course it is.▼
L'Arachel, "the beautiful princess of
peerless beauty"!▼
It has such a nice ring to it. Just
rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?▼
Gwah ha!▼
What we do now is vital
to our success, Dozla.▼
It wouldn't do for me to ride about
calling myself by my own nickname.▼
It must be spread about in a
nonchalant manner.▼
Dozla, starting now, I want you to refer
to me exclusively by my epithet,▼
"L'Arachel, the beautiful princess of peerless
beauty," when you're among the soldiers.▼
And don't forget to slip it into
everyday conversation, too.▼
Gwah ha ha!
Understood, Princess L'Arachel!▼

Support level A

How is it progressing, Dozla?
Is it working?▼
Gwah ha ha!
You will be pleased, Princess L'Arachel!▼
Just recently I saw a group of
villagers together gossiping.▼
They'd seen a suspicious young woman in
fantastic garb riding around at night.▼
And they called that enigmatic woman "the
beautiful princess of peerless beauty"!▼
Yes! They were most certainly
talking about me then.▼
At least, I am becoming known amongst
the people of the land.▼
Those three long trips I took around
the area were worth the trouble.▼
Gwah ha ha!
You're so right, Princess L'Arachel!▼
There can be no doubt that the
villagers were appropriately impressed.▼
Yet I find it passing strange.▼
How is it that no one has
appeared to imitate me?▼
The beautiful banisher of darkness
was well enough known, after all.▼
It's only natural that someone somewhere
would have aspired to be like me.▼
The fact that no imitators have appeared
has me very worried, I must say.▼
Gwah ha ha!
How right you are!▼
But you are peerless, Princess L'Arachel,
as your nickname says!▼
It would be impossible for anyone to
claim your beauty as her own!▼
Well, that is true. It certainly was
not easy for me, after all.▼
Yet now, I am destined to be
remembered in the future as a hero.▼
I wonder how my legend will be passed on
after I leave this earth.▼
I am so looking forward to it.▼
"The beautiful princess of peerless
beauty," L'Arachel...▼
Ah... How enchanting.▼
Already, I weep for the world that
will one day be robbed of my beauty.▼
Gwah ha ha!▼
I must do something spectacular this
battle to ensure my name is remembered.▼
Let's go, Dozla.▼
Gwah ha ha! Ready as ever,
Princess L'Arachel!▼