Ephraim/Duessel support

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" の支援会話(エフラム/デュッセル)。

Support level C

Duessel, can we speak?▼
Oh, Prince Ephraim.
Of course, my friend.▼
I feel I should apologize for making
you side against Grado in this.▼
Bah. What nonsense!▼
Please, use me however you
would to end this war.▼
I want you to know how honored I am
to fight at your side again.▼
Show me a little of your skill with
the spear, like when you taught me.▼
Ephraim, your skills have grown
significantly since then.▼
Why, the first time I met you,
you could hardly hold a spear!▼
I couldn't even bring myself to lie
and say you weren't THAT bad!▼
...There's no need to be cruel!
I realize how helpless I was then.▼
Let me finish! Even then, your strong
will was most impressive.▼
On your first day wielding a spear,
you chose to challenge ME!▼
I remember how enthusiastic your attack
was. You were determined to win.▼
But...you were destined to lose that
day. Still, I was quite shocked.▼
You weren't trying to learn my skill.
You were trying to steal it from me!▼
And I thought an apprentice was
supposed to be obedient to his master.▼
When you fight, you must respect your
opponent, not obey him.▼
...Besides, you knocked me out
so quickly, I hardly touched you.▼
I never dreamed of testing my skills
against a prince of Renais.▼
After that match, though...
Oh, I changed my mind.▼
I knew it would be interesting to teach
my skills to someone like you.▼
Now, you're the one speaking nonsense!▼
Ah, I know...▼
Let's duel again after this battle!▼
I'm older now, better trained.
I'm sure I can beat you this time.▼
Hmmm... Yes, fine.▼
I'd like to see if you've been
keeping up with your training.▼

Support level B

Duessel, do you have a moment?▼
Oh, Ephraim. Of course.▼
...Were you thinking about Grado
just now? You looked distracted.▼
I wonder, was it the wrong decision
to send you fighting against Grado?▼
...You've no need to worry. My reasons
for leaving Grado are my own.▼
It doesn't matter who I'm fighting.
My resolve won't be weakened.▼
That is good to hear...
Actually, I'm here for a rematch.▼
I have no idea how you beat me last
time, but this time, I can do it!▼
Hmm. It looks like you haven't
learned your lesson yet.▼
You know, they used to call me Obsidian.
I was one of the Imperial Three.▼
I'm not about to let a young punk
like you best me at the spear!▼

Support level A

Nicely done, Ephraim.▼
There's nothing left for
me to teach you, it seems.▼
That's utter nonsense. I still have
much to learn from you, Duessel.▼
I intend to be the greatest
spearman Magvel has ever known.▼
I gave up on sword after seeing
how they fare against spears.▼
Sword, axe, spear, bow...and
even magic. I've seen them all.▼
The spear always comes out on top. And
I want mine to be the best spear around.▼
Hm... That's a bold statement.▼
But you may yet be the one who
can prove it true, lad.▼
...I thank you, Duessel.▼
It's only because of the skills you
have me that I'm alive and here now.▼
Our countries were friends, but you
taught me like family...▼
I am a warrior. All I can do is improve
my skills and pass them on to a student.▼
And if you best me using the skills
that I taught you, well...▼
That's just the nature of war.
The young surpass the old.▼
And I am glad to be fighting at the
side of such a worthy student.▼
I know that I've been branded a
traitor. I'm prepared for that.▼
But I do have one regret...▼
I regret that I betrayed my
You never betrayed him.▼
You remain as loyal to him now
as when you swore your oaths.▼
No, it is Grado who has betrayed
the ideals it once held dear.▼
And now, as then, you are my
teacher. Nothing has changed.▼
No, you are no traitor. If anything,
you are the last true man of Grado.▼
Hm... Yes. A student should not
inspire his teacher.▼
Ephraim. Be strong. Remain true.▼
Believe in yourself, and act in
accordance with your beliefs.▼
...No matter what happens,
be a strong king.▼
Yes, you needn't worry about that.▼
Such has been my intention since
the day I first held this spear.▼
No matter what the future holds...
I'm never going to change.▼
I will let my faith and my beliefs
drive my every action as king.▼