Ephraim/Kyle support

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" の支援会話(エフラム/カイル)。

Support level C

Prince Ephraim!▼
Kyle, what's the matter?▼
Prince Ephraim...▼
You charged at the enemy line
after you were injured, didn't you?▼
Oh, that? That was nothing.
Don't worry about it.▼
It's not the injury I'm worried about. You're
not supposed to do things like that!▼
If I retreat at the first scratch,
command will fall apart.▼
My lord, you are the future of
Renais, the commander of this army.▼
If something were to happen to you,
morale would be shattered.▼
We would lose this war. All because
of your misplaced pride.▼
Fine, Kyle. I'll hang back and
let you knights lead the charge.▼
But I don't have time to talk
about this now. I'm leaving.▼
He says he's going to stop being
so reckless, but I know better.▼
I have to stop him before
he gets himself killed...▼

Support level B

Do you remember what we agreed to
last time we talked, Prince Ephraim?▼
Sigh. High command must remain behind
the vanguard and let the soldiers fight.▼
And if he tries to take the van, any
unit, regardless of rank, may stop him.▼
Yes, exactly. So you
do remember it.▼
And now, every time I try to lead
the charge, my own men stop me!▼
They waste themselves worrying about
my safety when their own is at risk.▼
Look, I agreed to your plan at the
time, but this is just ridiculous.▼
I'm going to revoke the order.▼
No, Prince! I know I've told you
this before...▼
But you have to remember, you're
the future of Renais--▼
And if we fail because I do not
join the battle, we have no future!▼
I do know I bear much responsibility,
but I simply must revoke the command.▼
I'm sorry, Prince Ephraim, but I
can't allow you to do that.▼
I'm going back to the fight. Make
sure you hang back, sire. Go on.▼
...Sigh... That blasted Kyle.▼
I know that he's simply concerned
about me.▼
Come to think of it, he's always
been like that.▼
I can't recall a moment when he HASN'T
been overly worried about me.▼
But that order really needs to go.▼

Support level A

My lord prince...
I must apologize.▼
Why is that, Kyle? What do
you need to apologize for?▼
The other day, I was injured on
the battlefield.▼
You raced to my side without a
moment's hesitation.▼
As I lost consciousness, I heard
you say something I won't forget.▼
"Treat this man as you would my own
brother. Help him, regardless of cost."▼
And why must you apologize for that?▼
I ought to have been the one riding
to your aid, my lord.▼
And that you would consider a lowborn
knight like myself a brother...▼
All these years, I've thought of myself
as nothing but a loyal retainer.▼
I failed to understand that our
bond runs deeper.▼
...Since I was a child, you've
taught me how to be a warrior.▼
A prince is raised to be detached.
Distant. To rule the people from above.▼
I could not afford to feel any real
affection for anyone. Just Seth, Forde...▼
And you, Kyle.
You were the only ones.▼
I realize that much separates us,
but I still consider you family.▼
Although...you do worry about me too much.
And you have to stop snapping at me.▼
Prince Ephraim, when I was injured the
other day, I came to a realization.▼
I was wrong. The decision I made you
agree to the other day was wrong.▼
You belong on the front lines, like
any of the noble warriors of Renais.▼
It will do the men's morale good to
see you fighting at their side.▼
From now on, fight as you must!▼
I will be beside you, and I will
protect you as you fight at our side.▼
Thank you, Kyle. I was so caught in
my worry that I couldn't fight well.▼
And I will make a concession to
you as well.▼
I will not be so reckless anymore.
I know I have an important position.▼
Are we in agreement, Kyle?▼
We are, my lord.
Let's ride on together!▼
Sounds good. Kyle...
Don't fall behind!▼
Yes, sire!▼