Colm/Rennac support

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" の支援会話(コーマ/レナック)。

Support level C

Hey, you! I know your secret.▼
My secret?▼
You're a thief, too, aren't you?▼
Do you think that's acceptable behavior
for someone in the princess's entourage?▼
Ha ha ha! Where'd you learn a big word
like entourage, boy?▼
Not that it's any of your business,▼
but Her Highness already knows about
You're not, by any chance, trying to
threaten me, are you?▼
That's funny. I never thought I'd be
reprimanded by a boy!▼
Hey, old man, don't talk down to ME!▼
I'm not a boy. I'm Colm!
And I'm not threatening you, either.▼
I was just surprised that you're a thief
because you dress so nicely.▼
I assume you're in the same trade.
Those rags are a dead giveaway.▼
Well, you may not take any pride in your
appearance, but I'm different.▼
Do you see this jacket?▼
It has silk embroidery, a trend
I started in Carcino.▼
Where are the stitches, you ask?▼
They're on the inside of the jacket.
But I'm not going to show you.▼
The truly cultured man cares about
every detail.▼
it would be a waste of my time to even
try to explain it to a poor urchin like you.▼
Why are you bragging about something
so lame?▼
And I'm not a poor urchin! Man, I've
never met anyone as annoying as you!▼
Oh, don't be so sensitive, little urchin.▼
If you want to be like me make more money.
Improve your skills.▼
The name of the game is making money.
Money is all that matters.▼
It's your way out.
Work hard and escape from poverty.▼
First of all, I don't want to be like you!
Second of all, I'll show you!▼
Well, don't pull a muscle, little urchin!▼

Support level B

Hey, urchin, have you made any money yet?▼
Stop calling me urchin!▼
I heard your dad is a wealthy
merchant in Carcino.▼
Yes. So what?▼
My father is a wealthy merchant,
and his son is a thief.▼
Great family, huh?▼
If you're rich, you don't need to steal.
You can just buy whatever you want.▼
You're so green, boy. Greener than the
fruit I left out for a month.▼
What's that supposed to mean?▼
I've never had dried fruit, so I don't
know what you're talking about!▼
Oh, that's too bad.▼
Listen, urchin. Merchants are always
stingy. It's part of who they are.▼
And my father was especially stingy.
He gave us nothing for free.▼
We had to work for everything we had.▼
So my brothers and I learned the value of
hard work from a young age.▼
And this just happens to be my job.
Get it?▼
It's not easy being the son of a
merchant, huh?▼
Forced to work from a young age.
I had a tough childhood, too.▼
I always had to hunt and garden with
my dad.▼
I guess our lives aren't so different
after all, huh?▼
Er, a little hunting and gardening
is quite different from actual work.▼
You can see that just by looking
at how you and I turned out.▼
Well! I'll show you!▼
Maybe you'll wake up one morning and find
that something important to you is gone!▼
Consider yourself warned, old man!▼
You know,▼
warning people of your plans isn't really
the most effective thieving strategy.▼
Anyhow, I look forward to seeing
what you can muster.▼

Support level A

Hi there, urchin.
I haven't heard you bragging in a while.▼
I thought maybe you gave up on your
big plans.▼
I'm more persistent than you think I am.
I came to see you because I remembered--▼
Wait, haven't you noticed yet?▼
Noticed what?▼
Ha ha ha! I won!▼
What? Did you actually steal something?
Don't tell me...
A ha!▼
So you finally noticed!▼
Yes, I secretly stole only the embroidery
off your precious jacket.▼
So, how's that for stealth? That's some
pretty fine thieving, if I do say so myself.▼
I see. The embroidery IS missing.
Good work.▼
It's a little early for a victory
celebration, though.▼
The embroidery was a pony, correct?▼
Huh? Yeah...▼
Unfortunately for you, that was a fake.▼
I knew you would try to steal it, so
I replaced it with a fake beforehand.▼
The real embroidery is of a phoenix.
But I won't show it to you. Nope, never.▼
You! That's a cheap trick!▼
In this business, anything goes.▼
However, I'm impressed that you got
as far as you did.▼
I definitely don't want you for an enemy.▼
Heh heh heh... Same here, I guess.
I'm glad that we're on the same side.▼
Now give me my boots!▼