Moulder/Syrene support

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" の支援会話(モルダ/シレーネ)。

Support level C

Father Moulder, you look tired.▼
We've been asking so much
of you lately...▼
Don't wory about me.▼
I'm rather more worried
about you, Syrene.▼
You had only just been transferred
to this unit when we left Frelia.▼
I'd imagine it must be odd not
having any familiar faces around.▼
I've already learned everyone's
name and field of specialization.▼
Don't worry about me.▼
Impressive. You've been
paying attention.▼
To beat your enemy, know your allies.▼
Without knowing the skills of your
own men, you can never win a war.▼
I don't want to die just because I didn't
know what to expect from my troops.▼
I was worried about how well you
were integrating into our group.▼
You seem to have matters well in hand,
though. I'm proud of you, Syrene.▼
If you have any questions,
don't hesitate to ask me anytime.▼
Thank you, Father Moulder. I do
appreciate your thoughtfulness.▼

Support level B

Syrene, you said you'd already learned
everything about our little band.▼
Did anyone in Frelia go over the details
with you before you left?▼
No, Father. Things were rather hectic in
Frelia before we left, as you know.▼
Everything I have learned, I've
learned on the job, so to speak.▼
People...confide in me, and I
learn by observation.▼
Interesting. So, even though you're new,
they know they can confide in you?▼
Yes. The ladies seem most
comfortable speaking to me.▼
I understand. Even a man of the cloth
is still, at heart, a man.▼
It must reassure them to know that there
is anothe woman to whom they can speak.▼
There are many women among us.▼
If I cannot be "father" to them, please,
care for them as a mother.▼
With all respect, Father, I refuse to
minister to their needs as a mother would.▼
I am still young and unworthy. I prefer
to speak to them as a sister.▼
Ha ha ha ha... Yes, of course.
Please excuse me.▼
Help them, then, as a sister would.▼
Yes, Father! Now, may I have a
word with you? As their sister?▼
I beg your pardon? Me? What?▼
Has someone...complained about me?▼
Well, I'll let you know the
day after the next new moon.▼
Must I wait until then?▼
Is it so terrible that I need
must prepare myself for the news?▼
Rest easy, Father! It's only
a suggestion, not criticism.▼
Hm... What could it be?▼

Support level A

So... Last night was a new moon.
And that means today is the day.▼
I've been going mad wondering,
Syrene. What is your suggestion?▼
Ah, right you are, Father. It is
indeed the promised day.▼
Well, then. On behalf on everyone,
I have two words for you.▼
Father Moulder?▼
Happy Birthday!▼
What? Birthday?▼
Oh... Oh, yes! Why, today is
my birthday, isn't it? But--▼
It is a fine tradition to celebrate
one's birthday, Father.▼
In a war, uncertainty surrounds us
every moment of every day.▼
Instead of worrying about tomorrow,
let us celebrate life today.▼
That should encourage us all to
keep going, wouldn't you say?▼
Yes, indeed. To share the joys of life
is very important.▼
Thank you, Syrene. In this chaos, I
would have forgotten my own birthday.▼
You exhaust yourself caring for others,
but you pay no attention to yourself.▼
We are all so grateful to you, Father.▼
So many different people came up to me
to ask how we could show that gratitude.▼
You are a man of great virtue, and
an inspiration to us all.▼
I am touched...▼
At my age, I thought all my happy
birthdays were well behind me.▼
I'm a little embarrassed at that...▼
You must remember to take care of
yourself, Father. And thank you.▼