Double ending

北米版ファイアーエムブレム聖魔の光石 "the Sacred Stones" のペア後日談。

Busy days awaited Eirika and Ephraim as they
struggled to rebuild Renais. Their work gave
new hope to those ravaged by the war, and
with Eirika's constant help, Ephraim grew to
be a trusted and honorable king.
Upon their return to Renais, Eirika and Seth
were wed, with the blessings of Ephraim and all
of the Knights of Renais. The tale of the love
that grew between a princess and her loyal
knight became a beloved romance in Renais.
After the war, Eirika and Saleh returned to their
respective homes. Eirika visited Caer Pelyn
when she could. Eventually, she left Renais in
the care of her brother and wed Saleh. Their
daughter resembles the legendary Nada Kuya.
Following the war, Tana and Eirika remained
the best of friends. They visited one another
when time permitted, and as they grew older,
their children shared a bond of friendship
as close as Eirika and Tana themselves did.
After the reconstruction of Renais, Innes
challenged Ephraim to a duel. The match
ended in a tie. After the fight, Eirika
acknowledged her love for Innes, and the
two were wed with Ephraim's blessings.
After the war, Eirika and Forde returned to
Renais. Eirika spent her days toiling in
the reconstruction of Renais, and he was her
faithful supporter. His portrait of Eirika
captured the smile he had thought lost forever.
Natasha returned to Renais with Seth, where
the two were wed. The reconstruction of Renais
kept them busy, but when all the work was
done, they settled down to live their days
in peace and happiness.
Gilliam and Syrene returned to Frelia, where they
were married. All agreed they were a perfect
match, and their union was blessed by the
crown and the order of knights. The two
continued their unwavering service together.
Franz brought Amelia home with him to Renais.
Amelia spent a short time in Renais's army,
but once she and Franz were married, she
retired her commission. The two had a daughter
who grew to be a great knight herself.
Ross and Amelia
Amelia traveled to Ross's hometown, where she
decided to remain. Over time, the two fell in
love and were wed. Years later they had a son
who grew into a warrior. As he grew in skill
and strength, he surpassed even his father.
The childhood friends became lovers first,
then husband and wife. Worried for Neimi's
well-being, Colm gave up his adventurer's ways.
Neimi passed on her grandfather's skill in
archery to her own son and daughter.
Father and son returned to Ide, where they
toiled together to rebuild their village.
Ross grew to become a greater warrior than
even his father. When he himself had a son,
that child continued his family's legacy.
At Innes's request, Vanessa moved into
Castle Frelia where she continued her duties
as a knight of the realm. Thereafter, they
had a child and lived happily with the
blessing of all around them.
Stories tell of the sparks that flew between
L'Arachel and Innes when they first met. As
the love between them flourished, so too did
the bond that united their two nations.
After the war, Ephraim returned to Renais and
Myrrh to Darkling Woods. They both turned their
attention to their respective duties but never
forgot one another. Though Myrrh never again
left Darkling Woods, Ephraim often visited her.
Ephraim and L'Arachel each returned home
after the war, but L'Arachel visited Renais
often. Over time, the two were wed. Their
marriage threw Rausten into turmoil, but
L'Arachel's self-centeredness carried the day.
Once Renais was stable again, Ephraim and
Tana were wed. Innes protested vocally, but
when he saw how happy Tana was, he gave the
marriage his blessings. Renais and Frelia
are now bound by blood as well as friendship.
Forde's love for Vanessa grew after the war,
and although she loved him as well, she
placed her duty to Frelia first. Undeterred,
Forde moved to Frelia himself. Over time,
the two were wed.
Sometimes, the greatest friends also differ
greatly in personality. When Kyle and Forde
returned home, they were celebrated in song
and story. They lived their days in happiness,
as dearest friends and toughest rivals.
After the war, Kyle visited Frelia, where
he was greeted with a warm reception by
Syrene. After the two retired, they were
wed. They raised a daughter whose skill
in martial arts and etiquette excelled.
After the war, Kyle and Lute were married in
Renais. Kyle's friends were disturbed by his
choice of brides, but they could not deny
his happiness. Before long, they had a son,
and Kyle dedicated himself to his upbringing.
Artur and Lute were married upon their return.
Artur handled the housework, but otherwise,
their lives were unchanged. When they had a
son, Lute's interests shifted from studying
Artur to studying her son's baffling habits.
Gerik and Tethys remained bound to no nation
and beholden to no authority. They bought
themselves a leisurely retirement. Gerik
taught fencing to city youths, and Tethys
found many stages on which to dance.
Gerik remained a mercenary, and Marisa
became his company's fencing instructor.
Gerik returned the affection she gave
him, although he was troubled to learn she
was clumsy at everything but fighting.
Master and student returned to Caer Pelyn to
study in peace. Ewan worked hard, and in time,
his power grew to rival Saleh's. As equals,
the two continued their studies together and
expanded their knowledge ever more.
After the war, Ewan and Amelia set out, as
promised, on a trip around the world. Their
deeds along the way made small legends in the
regions they visited. In time, Amelia gave
birth to a daughter, and they settled down.
L'Arachel was, in time, made queen of Rausten,
with Dozla at her side, as always. Later, Dozla
wept like a baby when L'Arachel was wed. His
emotional outburst is remembered as much as,
if not more than, the ceremony itself.
Upon their return to Grado, Duessel reunited
Amelia with her mother. The two wept with
joy, giving thanks to Duessel. Afterward, Amelia
became the most trusted companion of the
man once known as Obsidian.
Myrrh returned to Darkling Woods, but at
Saleh's request, she eventually moved to Caer
Pelyn. In time, the townsfolk learned to
treat her not as the Great Dragon but
rather as a normal girl, and she was happy.
When Joshua returned to Jehanna, he took
Natasha as his bride and claimed the throne
as its rightful heir. Natasha was the perfect
companion, and together, they carried the
mighty desert nation to great glory.
Joshua returned to Jehanna with Marisa, where
she pledged service to the crown and became
the top swordfighter in the land. Joshua still
loved games of chance, but when it came to
Marisa, she was ever the winner.
After the war, Joshua challenged Gerik to a
duel in hopes of pressing him to move to
Jehanna. The match ended in a tie, but Gerik
was impressed by Joshua's swagger. From that
day forward, Gerik never left Joshua's side.
Syrene and Vanessa
Sisters Syrene and Vanessa returned to Frelia
after the war for a long-overdue talk. They
talked of love and war, of friends now gone.
Together, they renewed their bond as siblings
and vowed never to let that bond fail.
Cormag returned to Grado to assist in the
reconstruction of his country. Shortly
after, he left to wander on his own. Tana
spent years looking for him. In time, she
found him and knighted him in Frelia's service.